How does JewelCandle work?

Lighting the JewelCandle starts melting the wax. Then after you’ve been burning it for 10-15 hours, your precious jewellery will be revealed! Our JewelCandles have a burning time of about 130-150 hours. All of our jewels are wrapped in a special heat resistance foil so that no wax or harmful heat can damage your jewellery!

When ordering at JewelCandle you can choose if you would like to have a ring, a bracelet, a pendant or earrings in your candle. However, the value and the style of your jewellery will be a surprise! This is what makes it so exciting – some of our customers wait patiently with anticipation to discover the jewellery, while others burn it as quickly as they can to discover what’s inside 🙂

JewelCandle is 100% handmade with a lovely hidden surprise. This makes it an unforgettable & unique gift experience either for yourself or for a friend or loved one 🙂 Burning candles has never been so exciting!

Once you light one, you’ll be begging for another one 🙂

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